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    School Governors are people who wish to make a positive contribution to children's education. They will contribute to the effective day-to-day running of the school and have an effective input toward the educational achievement of all pupils.

    The Governing Body consists of people from the school's community. Every school's governing body has parents, school staff and representatives of the Local Authority.

    Governors take responsiblity for all the learning opportunities that pupils experience including spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. The Governors must also decide a curriculum policy for the school which takes account of the Local Authority's policy, the National Curriculum and technological advances. Governors keep abreast of national and local initiatives and make any adjustments to the curriculum to ensure that the curriculum prepares the children for the world they will live in as adults in the 21st century

    The Governing Body for Skilts School comprises as follows:

    Mrs L Burgess, Co-Opted, Chair of Governors

    Ms J Johnson, Vice Chair of Governors, Co-Opted

    Mr Dominic Crompton,  Headteacher, Staff Governor

    Ms M Layton, Co-Opted, Chair of Finance Governor

    Vacancy, Local Authority Governor

    Mrs P McMeeking, Local Authority appointed Governor

    Mrs K Fazey, Teacher, Staff Governor

    Mr T Pridding, Head of Care PRSW, Co-Opted Staff Governor

    Vacancy, Parent Governor

    Mrs H Porter, Clerk


    For further information about each of our Governors, please click here