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    At Skilts School we want our children to become confident and able Mathematicians who enjoy a challenge and find maths fun. 

    As far as possible, we make maths lessons as practical as we can: playing games, singing songs, working outside. We use opportunities in other areas of the curriculum to deepen understanding and show independent learning. We teach maths on a daily basis in EVERY class.

    In 2014 a new National Curriculum was introduced and at Skilts we follow this curriculum at a level appropriate to each individual child. Some children are working on P Levels which come before the National Curriculum. You will find the Level descriptors for the P Scales here:

    We are using a planning tool for the New Curriculum that splits each year/stage into eighteen two week units. 

    The children will follow the year/stage that is appropriate to  their ability.  Please follow the links for each years’ plans. 

    Reception     Year 1           Year 2                   Year 3                   Year 4                     Year 5                 Year 6