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B98 9EN  

  • We expect all children to attend school every day they are well enough to do so. Our target is to reach 95% for the whole school this year. In order for your child to make the most progress possible they must attend school as much as possible.

    95% attendance relates to a child attending 182 days out of 190 or just 8 days out of school all year.

    Currently our overall attendance is 93% (2104-15) which relates to 13 days or almost 3 school weeks each year for every child in school. With 80 children that totals 1040 days or 208 school weeks lost every year because of absence.

    If your child is unwell or is unable to attend school for some other reason you must ring the school office with an explanation. 01527 853851 (option1). This enables the office administrator to mark the attendance as authorised.  If we don’t know why a child is absent we will try to contact you but the attendance will be marked as unauthorised. Unauthorised absence requires us to follow up by law because children with high levels of unauthorised absence are often unsafe. We always need to understand the reasons for absence so we are in a better position to help you with your child.

    All attendance is monitored initially by the class teacher who marks the school register twice a day and passes any concerns to the Children Causing Concern group. They will identify which children enter the “Spotlighting” programme for families who need to improve their child’s attendance at school. The leader of safeguarding in the school is a member of the children causing concern group and therefore kept informed of all attendance issues.

    Sometimes there may be a problem and school transport is unable to get your child to school. It may be possible in these circumstances for you to accompany your child to school or to the Maypole by bus or Redditch by train. In these circumstances we would always try to help to get your child to school. You would need to have made a prior arrangement to make sure someone is available to collect your child. All arrangements are made via the school office, ring the number shown above.

    Requests made for time off during term time are granted at the head teacher’s discretion and only for special circumstances. Extended periods of time taken for family holidays are not considered special circumstances and permission for them will not be granted.

    Excellent attendance at school leads to positive outcomes for young people. We are preparing our children together for the next stage in their education and the world of work.  I hope you will work with us to give your child the best start in life by ensuring their attendance is the best it can be.



    Dominic Crompton