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    Updated September 2015

    Skilts School
    Complaints Procedure



    If you are worried or think something is unfair you must tell someone

    You need to be able to talk to someone if you feel unhappy or worried. This sheet tells you what you can do and who might be able to help you. If you cannot solve your problems then it tells you who you can complain to.

    Who will help you?

    •  Your friends. Often they will help you solve a lot of worries.
    •  Any member of staff: Care staff, Domestic staff, Teaching staff, Mandy and Lynne.
    •  People who are not staff: School Nurse, Your doctor, Parents, Carers, Relatives
    •  The Independent Person for the pupils in residence. You will find their name and how to speak to them on a  poster      in your house. You can talk to this person about any worries or concerns you have about school.
    •  You may wish to contact Child Line on 0800 1111
    •  Ofsted. These are people with a role to monitor residential schools and their officers are willing to be                           approached. You can contact them to speak to them when they inspect the school.


    Why might you feel unhappy or worried?

    •  Bullying
    •  Someone has hurt you
    •  Someone has said something to you that you do not think is right
    •  You feel you have been treated unfairly
    •  You feel no-one is helping you with your work
    •  You feel that you are given work that is not right for you, too easy or hard
    •  Someone is saying nasty things to you or name calling
    •  You don’t like the food
    •  You don’t feel you getting enough privacy
    •  Some one has taken something from you and broken it or will not return it or has not asked you first.
    •  You feel that people are not listening to you
    •  Some other reason


    What will happen?
    Hopefully the first person you share your worry with will help you with the problem. Try to find someone who you feel you can trust, it may help to take a friend with you. Usually talking the problem through with someone will help you solve it and you will be able to settle down and continue enjoying your time at Skilts School.

    If it does not you must take your worry to someone else, Ann, Trish, Nick, Susan, Duncan, Sean and Pauline are the Care team, or you may prefer to talk to your class teacher or Teaching Assistant. If the problem does not get any better you can also speak to Tony Pridding who is the Head of Care. If none of this helps and you are still worried or upset, you can also talk to Mr Crompton, Head teacher.

    Try to talk the situation through with them and remember you can always take a friend or member of staff with you to help you.

    It is hoped that informal attempts, such as negotiation, arbitration and mediation will resolve the vast majority of complaints. If it does not you may have to take the matter further and/or record your complaint in writing.

    If you have not been able to resolve the problem or you have not heard from them you may wish to speak to one of the people outside of school who can help you. 

    These people might be:

    •  The Independent Person
    •  Childline
    •  Children’s Rights Director
    •  Ofsted

    You do not have to tell staff, or anyone else, that you are going to speak top
    someone outside school.


    You can complain
    You must feel that you are being treated properly and with the respect you deserve. If you feel unhappy or worried you will not be able to make the progress you deserve either with your work or with your friends. It is your right to complain if you feel you are being treated unfairly.


    Full Complaints Procedure to be followed on behalf of Pupils
    All complaints are taken seriously, without a mutual trust between School and Home we cannot hope to succeed in the development of any pupil at Skilts School.
    If your complaint is to do with:

    School Work Outside of Classroom

    Please Contact
    1)   The Teaching Assistant        The House Staff

    2)   Not satisfied?                       Not satisfied?
          The Class Teacher                Ann or Trish

    3)   Not satisfied?                       Not satisfied?
          Deputy Head                        Tony Pridding

    4)   Not Satisfied?                       Not satisfied?
          Mr Crompton                        Mr. Crompton

    5)   Still not satisfied                   Still not satisfied
          Contact Chair of Governors   Contact Chair of Governors


    Still not satisfied…
    The Chair of the School Governors will take it to a Governors meeting to resolve.

    In each case your complaint should be recorded on a complaints form and you should be aware of the outcome. If at any time you wish to complete a written record of your complaint this can be added to the written record of how your complaint has progressed.

    At the end of this procedure it will be recorded that the complaint has been resolved or register the fact that no satisfactory outcome was reached and outline other avenues of action available.

    In such circumstances as school holidays, weekend or because it is the wish of the complainant, the issue may be taken to outside agencies such as Childrens Services, the Local Authority, Police or Ofsted. These are dealt with by their agency following their own procedures.

    If you have any doubts or questions please contact the school straight away and we will try our best to resolve problems with you.

    We all have to work together to make sure that all pupils are able to develop and progress in the best way possible.