MindEd is a FREE online educational resource on children and Young People’s Mental Health for staff, professionals and parents to access.  


We often talk about needing to understand the actual or potential Mental Health difficulties of our children better and have much greater understanding and insight into their difficulties.  In terms ofimproving our Early Help systems in school (identifying and supporting issues and difficulties for our pupils at the earliest point possible).  This resource will help you to be able to identify, understand and support pupils more appropriately in terms of meeting a whole range of Mental Health Issues.

Free to access, you can sign up online or just search, You can create your own learning account if you wish to use it fully or simply dip in to find additional information as you want it.

I would urge everyone to have a look at this resource and keep it in mind for future use.  If you like it please encourage others to have a look too.  Feedback on your initial impressions of the site are 



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