Cygnet Programme for children with diagnosis of ASC

Date:  March 2017   

Our ref: Skilts School Cygnet


Dear Parent/Carer

We are writing to invite you to a group we are running for parents called the Cygnet Programme. This is a programme for parents of children who have been diagnosed with an Autistic Spectrum Condition.

The Cygnet programme runs for 6 weeks and each session is 2 hours long. For the first session please arrive 15-20 minutes early to fill out some questionnaires. 

The sessions will take place at

Skilts School

Gorcott Hill


B98 9ET


9:15 am coffee

Sessions from 10am – 12:00


Session 1 – What are Autism Spectrum Conditions           

8th June 2017

Session 2 -  Communication                                       

15th June 2017

Session 3 – Sensory Issues                                       

22nd June 2017

Session 4 – Understanding Behaviour                            

29th June 2017

Session 5 – Managing Behaviour                               

6th July 2017

Session 6 – Choice by parents (in the group)              

13th July 2017


Please telephone Tracy Handley on 01527 853851 x 212 to either book or decline a place

(when booking, please be ready to provide your name, your child’s name and school and your e-mail address and contact phone number)

Due to limited places the course will be offered to the first twelve families to contact us; if you have already completed the Cygnet Programme we may well ask for you to allow parents that have not accessed it be given priority.

There is an expectation that parents endeavour to attend all sessions if possible.

If you are unable to attend this group, but would like to attend an alternative group in the future please contact your CAT worker.

Yours sincerely,


Emma Sly

Communication / Autism Team


Cyget Programme - especially for those parents with a child who is diagnosed with Autism